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3 Tips for Answering People Also Ask Questions on Your Home Improvement Site

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Posted On: September 28, 2021

People Also Ask is a box on many Google search results. It includes FAQs related to the search query along with short answers and links to websites Google thinks answers the question best.

By including relevant People Also Ask questions and answers on your site, you boost your chances of showing up in these search results. You could even show up in the question box on top of winning one of the top organic search results, doubling your ownership of the search results page.

Here are three tips for writing People Also Ask content that performs well.

1. Be Relevant

Don’t include every question from the People Also Ask box in your content. Choose only the questions that are highly relevant and would serve your audience well for the chosen topic. Otherwise, Google may deem your page irrelevant, and people may be frustrated with your content and bounce. (Bounce refers to leaving the page without meaningful interaction.)

2. Be Concise

Google only displays around 50 words for most answers, so ensure you’re providing a quick answer that works in search results. Do this by asking the question and answering it at a high level immediately. You can go into more detail after that, but if you win the question box, Google will swipe that high-level answer as a teaser.

3. Markup Your Q&As

Let the search engine know you intend content to be a Q&A by using markup language in your formatting. Google provides a guide to structured data used to mark up FAQs, but don’t worry. Most content marketing or SEO agencies can do this for you.

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