Funeral Home ‘Google My Business’ Posts: 3 Tips to Get Noticed in Search Results

Did you know you can post on your Google My Business profile? While the posts are short, they’re not like status updates on social media profiles. GMB posts perform best when you follow the guidelines and rules set by Google.

Top performers on GMB get around 100 calls a month directly from their profile. Follow the tips below to help improve the performance of your GMB profile:

1. Choose the Right Post Type

This isn’t the place for memes or links to other online pages—save that content for your Facebook profile.

The types of posts you can make on your GMB profile are:

  • Product posts, which create browsable posts in your products tab
  • What’s new posts, which inform about anything new with your business
  • Offers, which let searchers know about limited-time offers such as free webinars or a discounted preplanning package
  • Events, which are time-specific digital or in-person happenings
  • Hours updates, which let people know if you change the hours your business is open
  • Pandemic updates, which provide information about how your business is handling safety or other matters related to the pandemic

2. Keep Posts Short

You can write up to 1,500 characters for a GMB post. That’s an average of 250 words. But Google notes that going long isn’t always the best option. Posts that perform best, according to Google, average 150 to 300 characters—or around 25 to 50 words.

3. Add a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

After you provide a concise message to the searcher, tell them what to do next. You don’t need to include links or phone numbers—Google frowns on that. Instead, use Google’s preset CTA buttons. Options include book (an appointment), sign-up, buy, order online, learn more, get offer, and call now.

Around 50 percent of the actions taken on GMB posts involve clicking through to a website. You can use the “learn more” button to direct people to more content on your own pages.

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