3 Reasons You Need External Links in Funeral Home Marketing Content — and Where to Get Them

External links are those that send people away from your website. Why would deathcare firms ever want to do that? Turns out external links are a valuable part of SEO and offer a few important benefits.

Find out more about the value of external links (and where you can get them) below.

Search Engines Like External Links

According to Search Engine Land, links (both internal and external) are a top consideration in search engine algorithms. And that’s not likely to change soon; most marketers think external links will still be a factor five years from now.

Links Create Authority for Your Content

The reason search engines like external links is that they help demonstrate authority for your pages. If you make a claim or cite a statistic and back it up with a link to a deathcare industry association page, search engine AI is smart enough to give you points for that effort.

High-quality links do the same thing for your audience. Anyone can make a claim about the average cost of funerals or how many people are choosing cremation. Backing up your content with links to data lets people know you’re working to provide them with the correct information.

The Right Links Offer Value to Your Audience

Some links also offer additional value to your audience. If you create a blog post on things to consider when nearing retirement—and naturally include preplanning in the list—you might link out to helpful resources. The Social Security Administration pages on retirement benefits and the IRS rules for funding IRAs are just two examples that might be valuable links to people interested in such topics.

How to Choose External Links

Obviously, you don’t want to link to competitor pages. You should also avoid linking to low-quality pages that may or may not have correct information. Sticking to known industry organizations, government websites, and quality news sites can be the best bet for ensuring high-quality links that support authority and good SEO.

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