Building Community Through Authenticity in Funeral Home Marketing

Last week we introduced the concept of community marketing and talked about some of the benefits that come from it. This week, we’re diving in with tips for showing up authentically to help build that community with funeral home marketing.

What Do We Mean by Authenticity in This Context?

Authenticity in this context just means holding true to your mission and values while connecting with your audience in a human fashion. In short, it’s about showing off the humans (and humanness) behind your firm.

People don’t want to be in community with a logo or business name. They usually don’t want to purchase goods and services from logos either. They want to be in community and buy from other people, and that’s what authenticity and community marketing is all about.

Tips for Authenticity in Funeral Home Marketing

So how can you show up authentically for this community you’re building? It’s easier than you might think. Here€™s a list of ideas to get you started:

  • Post a day-in-the-life on YouTube or via Instagram stories. Show people, tactfully, what it’s like to be a funeral director or another employee with your firm.
  • Celebrate wins and special days. Post on social media when someone on staff has a birthday, gets married, or has a baby. Or, let people know when your firm has achieved a milestone, such as serving the community for 25 years.
  • Be open about struggles and hard things. Funeral home employees serve others in some of the hardest times in life. Be open to being served too—share that you or your employees (with their permission) lost a loved one or are dealing with other struggles and ask people to keep you in their thoughts or prayers.
  • Share people. On social media and your webpage, consider sharing pictures and videos of you and your staff. This helps your audience see your business as a group of people serving the community.
  • Be funny. Within reason, share some memes or funny stories. Laughing together is a great way to build relationships with others.
  • Ask questions. Ask people to respond in the comments on your blog and post polls and questions on social media. Many times, people just need a specific invitation to join in the conversation, and feedback on these posts can help you create better communication in the future.

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