Community: Why It Matters for Funeral Home Marketing

People, in general, are relational beings. Perhaps no one understands this better than funeral home professionals, who see people come together to grieve and share about their relationships with departed loved ones.

But what you might not realize is this: Your understanding of the nature of community can serve you well when it comes to funeral home marketing.

What Is Community Marketing?

Community marketing involves building and contributing to a community that has interests you can share. Some companies can build a community of shared interest around their products and services—Apple, we’re definitely looking at you.

That’s not an option for most funeral homes, but you do share other interests with your target audience. For example, you likely care about people, the local community, and honoring lost loved ones. You can find opportunities for community marketing in those types of commonalities.

3 Benefits of Community Marketing for Funeral Homes

  1. It builds trust. As you engage in community marketing, you become part of the community. That builds more trust than if you were simply speaking into the community from the outside.
  2. It creates ambassadors. Community puts people and businesses on a more equal footing. That helps people who already trust your business feel more comfortable speaking up on behalf of it, which can create organic ambassadors. These are former clientele who are also part of the community you’re building.
  3. It enhances communication. When you’re part of the community, you can speak more often and in varying ways without sounding like you’re constantly pushing your services. That drives higher-quality communication between you and your audience, which in turn helps to drive conversions.

Not sure how to show up in community funeral home marketing? Next week, we’ll offer some advice about showing up authentically for your community.

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