LinkedIn Advertising Update: Three Boons to Death-Care B2B Marketing

Death care is very much its own type of industry, so if you’re a vendor in that world, you know how important client service and reputation matter. If you’re struggling to get your death-care products and services in front of the right decision-makers, you should take a close look at recent LinkedIn updates:

1. The Ability to Target Lookalike Audiences

This is all the rage in both B2B and B2C advertising today, and for good reason: LinkedIn leverages its own data to help you connect with professionals that are most like the customers you already have.

For example, if you’re successfully serving individuals in midsize towns who run standalone crematories, LinkedIn can put your ads in front of more of the same. The exact same approach can be used with any type of death care product or service.

2. Focusing on Interest Targeting

LinkedIn’s interest targeting lets you take advantage of data from both LinkedIn and Microsoft Bing to target audiences who are most likely to be interested in your services. This helps B2B death care companies expand their reach to other areas.

For example, you might have targeted preplanning ads to people of a certain age or means, but through interest targeting, you might find that geriatric care managers are interested in helping their clients access these services.

3. Making Use of Audience Templates

This feature can make it easier to expand your reach in certain areas. Audience templates provide immediate targeting for businesses new to death care B2B advertising on LinkedIn. You can choose from groups, skills, or jobs, targeting ads specifically to morticians or other death-care professionals.

When you consider that 260 million people use LinkedIn every single month, it’s obviously the perfect platform for virtually any type of B2B marketing. These particular new targeting options can benefit death-care industry vendors by better focusing their marketing efforts.

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