3 Tips for Writing Funeral Home Marketing CTAs That Perform

CTA stands for call to action. It’s the content that prompts visitors on your site—or your social media or Google My Business profile—to take a specific action.

The goal of the CTA is typically to move the consumer down the sales funnel. But CTAs don’t always have to be related to a direct sale—not every call to action on your site should say “Call us to schedule an appointment for preplanning!” CTAs can also lead to more education on a topic, prompt someone to sign up for a marketing newsletter, or provide an option for signing up for a webinar.

Whatever step you’d like someone to take when engaging with your funeral home marketing content, your CTA needs to be concise, relevant, and strong. Follow the tips below to help make that happen.

 1. Put CTAs in the Right Place

Most people naturally put the call to action at the end of the content or page. It makes sense, right? Tell the visitor what they need to know, then tell them what to do about it.

Yes. And also no, because that means your CTA is buried below the fold. The fold is the imaginary line that separates the content seen before someone scrolls down from everything else.

You want a CTA to be above the fold so it’s immediately visible when someone lands on the page. Here’s an important tip: You can have more than one CTA on a page. Place a button or link above the fold and then another one at the end of the content if you like.

The best place for a CTA depends on a variety of factors, so test different locations to find out what works for your audience.

2. Be Obvious

The CTA is not the place to be coy. Tell the reader exactly what you want them to do and how. Check out these examples, which all start with action verbs and are concise and clear:

  • Call us at 555-555-5555 to make an appointment.
  • Contact us online for more information about preplanning (where “contact us” is a link to your contact page).
  • Read more about how to save on funeral expenses (where “how to save on funeral expenses” is a link to your blog post on the topic).
  • Sign up for the webinar (where the entire phrase is a clickable button).

3. Ensure CTAs Are Relevant

Make CTAs that are relevant to the potential intent of the searcher. If you’re creating a landing page meant to capture traffic from an ad campaign on preplanning, a CTA that has to do with at-need services is unlikely to perform that well.

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