3 Engagement-Boosting Tips for Sharing Funeral Home Marketing Content on Social Media

Social media marketing can feel like shouting into the void, especially when it comes to serious niches such as funeral home marketing. It’s difficult to jump on a meme bandwagon to get likes and shares when you’re trying to serve serious needs and create authority for your brand.

But simply sharing content from your webpages via social media no longer does the trick to capture audience interest. Check out these three funeral home social media marketing tips to help ensure the void shouts back (that is, you generate more online engagement):

1. Include Quotes in Your Social Media Statuses
Don’t cut and paste your links and a call it a day. Fake news and clickbait have combined to erode consumer trust in headlines in general, so even a clever title isn’t enough to grab attention and persuade someone to click through. Instead, cull a meaningful, interesting, or emotionally charged quote from your content and share that on social media along with a link.

This tactic works because it puts the proof right in the pudding, assuring readers that your content is authentic and potentially valuable. Think of the quote like a tiny movie trailer, and choose an excerpt that gives a taste of the content and style without giving away the entire point of your post.

2. Increase Post Value with Images
Social posts with images get more play. On Facebook, posts with images generate up to 2.3 times more engagement than posts without pictures. And platforms like Instagram and Pinterest require a picture if you want to play.

But not all images are created equal. Research indicates that online users favor:

  • Images that contain parts of the body rather than the full person
  • Original pictures that are bright and clear
  • Visuals that are creative or playful

However, funeral home social media marketing should not cater to trends without consideration of brand and message.

3. Use Emojis and Hashtags
Emojis have evolved well beyond basic smiles and frowns, and they break up social media text to make it more “scannable.” You can often convey the tone and context of your message by including one or two small emoji pictures, which is helpful on platforms with tight character counts such as Twitter.

Additionally, emojis are humanizing—they help you create messaging that resonates with other people.

Hashtags are also important on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram because they help expand the reach of your social posts. Always include at least one relevant hashtag when sharing your content on Twitter, and promote your Instagram posts with up to 30 hashtags.

Social media can be a boon for funeral home marketers. But you do have to consider how you’re sharing content on social media. Robotically posting links to your pages doesn’t engage anyone; instead, take a humanistic approach and involve yourself in your social media community.

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