3 Tips for Using Community in Your Funeral Home Marketing

Our post on community marketing for funeral homes last week was all about how you can show up for your community. This week, we’re going to look at why you should let your community show up for you and how you can encourage people to do so.

Why Let Your Community Market for You?

It amplifies your message. Those in your community can speak into the lives of people you don’t have a connection to, and when they share about your funeral home, that ensures more people learn about your firm.

Messages that come from others also feel more trustworthy to people than those that come directly from your business, no matter how authentic you are. Close to 80% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from family and friends—and definitely more than they trust messaging from the business itself.

3 Ways to Encourage Your Community

If you build a strong community, some people will naturally begin to share your content and about your business. But you can also take steps to proactively encourage this:

  1. Ask nicely. Just asking people to share your content and posts can increase shares by as much as 53%. The digital world is hectic, and people can forget about sharing as they’re scrolling through feeds or reading blog posts. A gentle reminder goes a long way.
  2. Create rewards. A loyalty rewards program isn’t likely to hit it big in deathcare marketing, but you can still offer rewards for loyal ambassadors. Consider options such as a small percent off preplanning services, free informational downloads, or first dibs on spots at preplanning luncheons or webinars.
  3. Engage in marketing that’s easy to share with others. Create shareable content. That includes helpful blog posts, funny and relatable memes, interesting infographics, and easy-to-digest lists.

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