The Top Tip for Getting More Google Reviews for Your Deathcare Firm

Google reviews help you connect with more potential clientele. More than 90 percent of people start their buying journeys in search engines—most of those on Google. Google reviews provide another way to show up for those searchers, and when you have a good number of mostly positive reviews, you start earning consumer trust even before someone clicks on your link.

But how do deathcare firms get lots of Google reviews?

Turns out, the best way to get reviews is to simply ask for them.


Moving Beyond Fears About Asking for Google Reviews

Many businesses—particularly deathcare firms—don’t ask for reviews because they’re afraid.

First, they may be afraid that the review won’t be stellar. If your clientele is obviously unhappy, you probably don’t want to encourage a review. But if everything seems fine, go ahead and ask. A surprise mediocre review amid other positive ones doesn’t hurt your business reputation online. It may actually help, because people sometimes distrust a business with all 5-star reviews. It also provides the chance to respond publicly about issues so others can see how much you care about the services you provide.

Another common fear is that you’re bothering your clientele by asking. However, if you provide good service, most people want to know how they can support your business. A tactful reminder that reviews are one of the best ways to support you is typically not out of place.


Some Ways to Ask for Google Reviews for Your Deathcare Firm

Not sure where to start when asking for Google reviews? Here are a few tips:

  • Mention reviews whenever anyone praises your business or services. If a family says how much they appreciate your services, say, “Thank you, we are so honored to serve. If you want to let others know you were satisfied, we always appreciate a Google review letting us know how we did.”
  • Include a review CTA in email communications. Add a gentle reminder that reviews are appreciated in email communications you might send after services are rendered.
  • Ask on social media. Consider occasionally making a post that says something like, “We’re so thankful for our families and clientele. Please consider supporting our business with a review on Google if we provided you great service in the past.”

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