Three Social Media Marketing Stats and Why They Matter for Funeral Home Marketing

If your funeral home isn’t on Facebook, you should create a profile today and start engaging your target audience. It might seem counterintuitive for a death care company, but social media marketing is a great way to position yourself as a compassionate thought leader.

Some benefits of direct engagement with consumers:

  • Assuring potential clientele of your caring, professional manner
  • Providing education about your goods and services
  • Heading off concerns or misunderstandings about services such as cremation even before clientele need them

But before you spend time on social posts no one sees or end up on the wrong platform, check out these three stats and what they mean for your funeral home digital marketing:

1. Social Media Helps Companies Increase Exposure
More than 90 percent of marketers who use social media say it increases exposure for their company. That’s up 6 percent from last year—though organic social reach can be harder to come by than paid exposure.

Facebook operates on algorithms, which means consumers don’t see every post from every person or brand. The best way to get your posts in front of people who are most likely to be interested in them is to boost or sponsor them (a form of paid advertising).

The downside is that you have to spend marketing budget. The upside is that you can target very specific audience segments, ensuring a higher ROI on your ads. And you can launch campaigns with as little as $5 in budget, making it easy to run inexpensive test campaigns on Facebook. For an independent funeral home, that alone can really separate you from your local competition.

2. Facebook and Instagram Are the Top Social Platforms for Consumers
More than 60 percent of Americans age 12 and older are on Facebook and almost 40 percent are on Instagram. While Facebook usage among Americans is trending slightly down, use of Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat is on the rise.

For funeral homes, Facebook is a good place to start with social media marketing, as both Gen X and Baby Boomer generations still use it heavily.

3. Social Marketers Are Going Organic on Instagram
Almost 70 percent of marketers are increasing organic efforts on Instagram in 2019. Only around 55 percent are planning to increase paid efforts on the platform.

Instagram is unique because you can use hashtags to boost exposure for your organic posts. People don’t have to follow you to see your posts; if they follow or search for a hashtag you used, they may see your content. Funeral homes can use up to 30 hashtags for each post; check out what content is trending in your niche and use similar hashtags on your own posts.

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