Deathcare Marketing Trends 2023: Interactive Content

In November, we’re looking at deathcare marketing trends you need to know about for 2023. So far, we’ve covered conversational marketing, personalization, and user-generated content. Today, we’re looking at what interactive content marketing is and how funeral homes can use it.

What Is Interactive Content in Marketing?

Interactive content is anything that requires the audience to take an action beyond simply reading or viewing. Examples include polls and quizzes, calculators, and assessments.

Interactive content is powerful: By prompting your audience to engage via voting, answering questions, or making other active decisions, you’re more than 80% more likely to grab and hold their attention.

Ways Deathcare Firms Can Use Interactive Content in Marketing

Of all the 2023 marketing trends we’ve discussed so far this month, interactive content may be the easiest for deathcare firms to incorporate immediately. Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Post social media polls. Pit two things against each other on your Facebook or Instagram profile and ask people to choose between them. This works on Facebook in your feed or stories and on Instagram in stories. Make it fun, such as asking people to vote between two local events or activities, or keep it professional and ask people to choose between two casket options you’re thinking about carrying.
  • Publish interactive quizzes on your blog. Write quiz content that encourages people to think about your topics more specifically. Examples include “How much do you know about funerals” or “What memorial type would best honor your wishes?” People enjoy taking these types of quizzes online, and you can provide education about your services and products in the answers or results.
  • Create calculators for your website. Build calculators that help people estimate preplanning or at-need funeral expenses.
  • Create a survey on your website. Add a landing page on your site with an in-depth deathcare survey. You might collect information about what people think about deathcare, what their preferences are, or what type of funerals they’ve been to in the past. A survey prompts engagement while also letting you collect data that can be used for future marketing efforts.
  • Ask people to answer questions in the comments. Sometimes interactive content is as simple as asking a question people can answer in the comments. Be specific when you do this, saying something like “What do you think the most important thing to include in a eulogy is? Let us know in the comments.”

Next week, we’ll round out this series on 2023 marketing trends by looking at one of the most interactive marketing opportunities available: the social media story.

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