Radio Advertising for Funeral Homes: Part 3

The most popular place for people to jam to radio tunes or enjoy talk radio is in their cars. More than 70 percent of adults in America report regularly listening to radio in their cars.

Why is that important for funeral homes looking to advertise on radio? Because you don’t want to throw money at ads no one will hear. If people are in their cars, they’re somewhat “captive” and are more likely to be paying attention to what’s on the radio.

Someone listening to the radio or watching television at home can move in and out of the room, handling other tasks when ads break into the entertainment. And anyone browsing online can ignore ads, click quickly through content without connecting, or bounce from the page as soon as something else catches their eye.

Vehicle-based audiences, however, are less likely to even switch stations as long as your ad isn’t overly long or extremely annoying. That increases the chance that individuals within your target audience will hear the radio ad and even connect with the message.

This also improves the chance they’ll hear the ad more than once, which can help create brand recall that encourages them to call on your funeral home during a time of need. Learn more about radio advertising for deathcare firms next week in Part 4 of this blog series.

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