Four Ways to Ensure That Your Funeral Home Local Pages Perform

More than 85 percent of people turn to Google maps to find local business locations, and over 70 percent say they start with an online search when they need information about nearby companies. Funeral homes that don’t show up in these searches or in Google Maps and Local pack results are practically handing potential clientele over to the competition.

One way you can boost your performance in local searches is by creating high-quality funeral home location pages. Here’s how:

  1. Create unique local pages for each service or product line.
    Funeral homes and other death care businesses can create local pages for preplanning services, memorial options, urn or casket category pages, or cremation services, among other things. But don’t fall into the copy/paste trap. Avoid copying over large amounts of copy from one page to the other and changing only the product or service details, because duplicate copy can hurt your rank in search results.
  1. Include your NAP data.
    NAP data refers to your business’s “name, address, and phone number,” and it’s the blinking neon sign that tells search engines your business is local. Strive to keep NAP data across all your pages and profiles, including your Google My Business profile, exactly the same for the best results.
  1. Integrate a variety of media and scannable text blocks.
    Make local pages easy to digest for people who may be in a hurry or dealing with a stressful time of need. Use subheadings and bulleted lists to break content into short chunks that work well on desktop or mobile devices, and include photos and videos for added engagement.
  1. Wrap it up with a CTA that’s helpful for the reader.
    Whether someone has found your page during their time of need or is simply looking at preplanning resources, don’t make them work to figure out the next steps. Include an easy-to-see, easy-to-navigate CTA that provides a link for making an appointment, phoning your office, or finding out more about service packages.

Local pages can make a huge impact for funeral home marketing. And if you don’t make this effort to boost your local SEO, you may see your site traffic—and your new clientele numbers—dropping.

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