Deathcare Ebook Marketing: Why You Need a Killer Landing Page

The past few Tuesdays on the blog, we’ve discussed why you might want to use ebooks for deathcare marketing and what to include in ebooks if you do. But the content of your ebooks doesn’t matter if no one knows about them, which is where landing pages come in.

What Is a Landing Page for an Ebook?

A landing page is a sales webpage. Typically, it resides on your deathcare website. Its purpose is to provide people a place to “land” when they follow a link related to your ebook and to convert those visitors by persuading them to download the ebook.

You can send people to the landing page from:

  • Social media, search, and web ads for the ebook
  • Social media posts about the ebook
  • Other pages on your site that mention the ebook offer
  • Marketing emails promoting the ebook or mentioning the ebook

Having a good landing page also lets other people link to and recommend your ebook offer.

Tips for Creating a Landing Page That Works

Not everyone who arrives on a landing page takes you up on what’s offered. In fact, the average conversion rate for landing pages is only around 9.7%. To ensure one in ten people—or more—download your ebook once they hit your landing page, you need to do a bit of sales work. Good landing pages include:

  • A unique selling proposition. Even though you’re offering the ebook for free as marketing collateral, you must still do some work to convince people to download it. You’re asking them to exchange some value of their own—their email address and time—so you need a unique selling proposition to let them know what value they’ll get in return.
  • Features and benefits. Provide a sneak peek into the content of the book to let people know what features they’ll find inside. This can be done via a scannable list or a couple of short paragraphs.
  • Social proof. If possible, include social proof, such as testimonials or reviews from other consumers. When people see that a free ebook was helpful to others, they’re more likely to download it themselves.
  • A specific and compelling call to action. Every landing page should include a CTA that clearly explains how someone can accept the offer.

Next week, we’ll provide some tips for creating CTAs for your free ebook landing page.


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