Small Mistakes that Reduce Funeral Home Content Marketing Performance

What’s the single most powerful and cost-effective method for bringing in new funeral home business?

Points if you recognize the trick question. No tactic works the same for every business. But if we’re forced to choose a method every funeral home should employ, we’ll go with content marketing. It’s large enough to encompass a lot of tactics, and 72 percent of marketers say it increases engagement and leads.

But if you’re making these mistakes with your content marketing strategy, you’re likely hurting performance and diminishing potential benefits.

Not Committing to the Content Strategy
It doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but it does take full commitment. You can’t slip on your marketing hat here and there when the funeral home schedule lets you. Content marketing requires at least a little work weekly if not daily.

A related mistake many businesses make is not giving content strategy time to work. It’s not a death-do-us-part commitment, but this is a long game, and you can’t expect results in mere days or weeks.

Pushing Content When You Don’t Have Anything to Say
A schedule is important. Your followers get used to hearing from you at a certain cadence, especially via blog posts and social media profiles. Falling off that cadence can cause them to forget about you or see you as unreliable.

But that doesn’t mean you should publish content just to publish it. Make sure you have enough to say and can ensure quality content at the scale you’re committing to.

Getting Lazy With the Details
Grammar, site speed, how many clicks it takes someone to find the right information on your site—these are all small details that combine to make a big difference. Your content must be relevant, seamless, and easy, or people will click away in search of something that is.

It’s not all bad news for funeral homes marketing online. You already know how to engage compassionately with clientele. You just need to do the same with consumers online—and you can always bring in professional help to get you started.

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