Three Tips for Funeral Home PPC Ads That Convert

Almost half of the clicks in search engine results pages (SERPs) go to the top three paid ad positions. That means paid advertising gets a healthy portion of the search pie. For deathcare providers who offer at-need services, PPC advertising can be a critical tool to draw the click when families are searching for services.

However, it’s not enough simply to show up in the paid search results. Use the following tips to boost the click-through and conversion rates for your funeral home PPC ad campaigns:

1. Give People an Instruction to Follow
A clear call to action is powerful at the best of times. When grieving families turn to Google for help finding a deathcare provider, they’re often dealing with a lot of other concerns in the moment. Anything you can do to make this task easier can help draw the click. Make sure your ads include strong CTAs that tell someone why to click or exactly whom to call.

2. Couple One Feature and Benefit in Ad Text
Another way to reduce the decision fatigue and stress for families in need is to include simple feature/benefit pairs in your ad text. It’s tempting to stuff an ad full of all the things you can offer, but in the microseconds it takes someone to make a “click decision,” that’s too much information to process.

Instead, list some of the top features of your services on a piece of paper. For each, list a few benefits. Chose the one feature and benefit pair you think will resonate most with the target audience and highlight those in your ad. Given that ads are inexpensive and offer plenty of opportunities for testing, you can try different combinations to create campaigns that perform best.

3. Target the Right Searchers
Not all deathcare firm products are for at-need families. Make sure you’re targeting the right searchers with ads for different products, and avoid lumping disparate products into the same campaigns. The search terms and ads for your preplanning options should be different than those for at-need services.

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