3 Ways To Put Social Back in Your Social Media Funeral Home Marketing

With 2018 social media headlines doubling as possible ideas for “Twilight Zone” episodes—full of scary data breaches and A.I. that may be running away with the conversation—it’s no surprise experts are predicting reactionary change in 2019. Is your funeral home ready to market in the new environment?

Over the past decade or so, social media has evolved from digital places where human connections occur to platforms where digital content is served up to human audiences. In 2019 and beyond, funeral homes that want to truly engage with target audiences must return to the human connection that made social media popular in the first place.

Here are three ways you can put the social back in your social media funeral home marketing efforts:

1. Have Conversations
Avoid becoming simply another niche digital content publisher. In addition to regular status updates, make sure you’re responding to comments on your social profiles. You don’t have to live on social—or pay someone else to do so. Just a few minutes a day responding to comments or liking and sharing can show that you’re taking part in the conversation.

2. Be Human
Don’t copy and paste scripted answers or like and share robotically. Engage on a human level, showing compassion and interest in your audience. This is particularly important in the death care industry, where services are extremely personal in nature. When you build trust online, families are more likely to turn to you during their time of need.

3. Offer Easy Ways to Connect at the Time of Need
Make it easy for those families to get in touch without Googling your company or searching for a phone number. Leverage social messaging systems and chatbots for speedy replies, and always include your website URL and contact phone number on your profile page.

Funeral homes know how to provide caring service with a human touch. To succeed in social media, and marketing a funeral home, you need to leverage that same knowledge in a digital environment.

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