Funeral Home Marketing Content With Authority: Why and How You Do It

Fake news. False advertising. Scams. These are all words that have become household phrases in recent years—and all words you never want associated with your funeral home.

Consumers today are cynical, and for good reason. Many have had a bad experience with a service provider, and almost everyone has read about poor experiences in online reviews. That’s led to an environment where only around 8 percent of people believe that most information shared on social is accurate or true.

How do you speak to consumers—and persuade them to learn more about products or use your funeral home—in this environment? You do it with through authority content.

What Is Authority Content?
This is any content that supports your claim as a trustworthy authority in your niche. Markers of authority content include:

  • Providing helpful, relevant information
  • Being specifically tailored to a well-defined audience
  • Offering solutions that are viable and appropriate
  • Creating engagement
  • Fostering trust in the reader

Typically, authority content is also of high quality (with regard to design and writing) and presented on pages that support excellent user experiences.

Why Do Funeral Homes Need Authority Content?
Creating authority content does take time, but the benefits are many. When you speak with transparency and authority, readers are drawn into your content and begin to trust you. That increases your chance at the conversion.

Authority content is also critical for SEO performance. Google looks for relevant content with authority, trustworthiness, and expertise when ranking pages for SERPs.

Creating Authority Content for Your Deathcare Firm
Consistently publishing authoritative funeral home internet marketing content involves activities that range from keyword research to copyediting. But here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Be honest: Authority content can’t be vague or misleading. Speak tactfully, but speak with truth and integrity.
  • Cover topics fully: Don’t just touch on a topic and leave the reader confused. Cover topics in depth to provide more value for your audience. If you mention an important topic on one page and can’t cover it fully there, consider whether you should create a second page and link to it.
  • Use your expert resources. Call on experts within your organization to help with content. Blog posts or videos from your funeral home director, for example, show audiences that your expertise moves beyond the page and that there are real people behind your knowledge and online marketing.

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