What Are the 4 Ps of Deathcare Marketing and Why Should You Care?

Let’s be honest: Some marketing strategies that work well for ecommerce or retail businesses aren’t that relevant to deathcare firms. Funeral homes are unlikely to walk away with a huge revenue uptick because they held a flash sale, for example. “BOGO final arrangements through Thursday” is morbidly pressuring, even if you’re talking preplanning.

But plenty of marketing concepts are relevant to deathcare, including the common marketing mix. A marketing mix refers to the collaboration between the four main pillars of any marketing strategy.


What Are the 4 Ps of Marketing?

The four Ps are essential components of marketing campaigns. If you don’t know the details behind them, your marketing strategy is likely to fall flat. They are:

  • Product: What you sell to potential clientele
  • Price: How much the product costs
  • Place: Where you sell, provide, or promote the product
  • Promotion: How you advertise or get the word out about your services


Benefits of the Marketing Mix Concept

The 4 Ps date back to the mid-20th century when E. Jerome McCarthy drew on a variety of influences to create a streamlined approach to strategic marketing. Marketing mix is such a powerful concept, it’s still used more than 50 years later.

Some benefits of starting with a marketing mix include:

  • It helps you understand all the products and services you can offer and how to position those offers to solve consumer problems.
  • It helps businesses execute consistent marketing strategies that speak directly to the target audience in a meaningful way.
  • It reduces unnecessary marketing spend by aligning messaging across the right channels.

Marketing mix isn’t a magic formula, but it is a solid foundation. Deathcare marketers who start by defining their 4 Ps have a much better chance at success with all types of marketing efforts.

Check back next week and throughout the month for a deep dive into each of the 4 Ps!

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