Video Content Engages Your Audience and Creates Conversion

Every minute, users upload 300 hours of content to YouTube. That’s nearly a half million hours of new video content every day. Still, more than half of consumers say they’d like to see more video content from businesses they support.

The takeaway here is that modern consumers have voracious appetites for video. The businesses that feed those appetites are going to connect with more potential clientele and drive more revenue—even in the deathcare niche.

Really, How Powerful Can Video Be?
We’re not saying video is the only superhero you should cultivate for funeral home marketing, but it’s definitely a lead player in content marketing’s version of The Avengers. Check out these stats that illustrate video’s power:

  • More than 70 percent of people prefer video content for learning about a new topic or product.
  • Video leads to an increase in qualified leads of more than 65 percent annually.
  • People stay on your site an average of almost 90 percent longer if you offer engaging video content.
  • Emails that have the word video in the subject line get 13 percent more click through.
  • Video on social media drives a whopping 1,200 percent increase in shares.
  • Video on your pages can increase organic SEO traffic by more than 150 percent.
  • Consumers are around 95 percent more likely to remember your company, call to action, or messaging if they saw it in a video.

Three Tips for Using Video for Funeral Home Marketing

  1. Use 360-degree video options. You put a lot of work into your funeral home. Use 360-degree videos to show it off to families or preplanners via virtual tours, especially if you’ve updated or added on recently.
  2. Schedule live-streaming videos. Use platforms like Facebook for less formal video presentations. You might let followers know you live stream every Wednesday evening with a tip about preplanning, for example. Live videos can be more engaging because users can ask questions during the video. People can also view the recorded live video later.
  3. Don’t forget the SEO. When creating video content for your website or YouTube, make it SEO-friendly. Include keywords in the title and description and any other relevant tags. You can also use automatic transcription software to get a text transcription of your video for additional SEO. Automated transcripts are getting better, but they’re not perfect, so if you use this tool, have someone give the transcript a quick read and tweak before you post it prominently on your site.

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