When Should You Use Instagram for Funeral Home Marketing?

Instagram may still bow to Facebook when it comes to use statistics in the United States as older adults tend to use the latter. But this powerful pic-heavy platform is rising, and funeral homes that figure out how to use it for marketing now can reap benefits in the short term and long term.

Instagram: Not Just a Fad for Kids
It’s true. The majority (about 60 percent) of Instagram users are age 34 and younger as of 2019. But the other 40 percent of users range in age from 35 to over 65, so Instagram isn’t just for kids.

That’s becoming truer every day. The Instagram mobile app gets more downloads than any other app except YouTube. It’s not all selfies and Kardashian followers, either. People use Instagram to interact with businesses all the time: About 60 percent of users say they turn to the social media platform to discover new products or services.

When Is Instagram Right for Funeral Home Marketing?
Like all online marketing tools, Instagram isn’t automatically right for every deathcare firm. And you shouldn’t create and half maintain a profile on platforms just because they’re popular with others. Choose marketing efforts you know will engage your audience and that you can maintain at a high level of quality.

Here are just a few times Instagram might make a good addition to your funeral home internet marketing strategy.

  • You want to engage younger audiences. If you’re marketing to younger decision-makers or have a spin on preplanning that might resonate with the thirtysomething crowd, Instagram is where you’ll find them. You can reach your target audience via organic posts or paid advertising on the platform.
  • You offer a unique service or story. If your deathcare services step at all out of traditional lines or you have a highly engaging story, Instagram can be effective no matter what age you’re targeting. Coupling pictures and video with text helps you create powerful narrative marketing that ensures people remember your name and product.
  • Your staff is up for video content. If you have a staff that’s excited about engaging online with potential clientele, Instagram stories are a great place for impromptu or planned short videos. They can walk people through the funeral home, show off products, or explain preplanning topics. And since you can link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can share this content on Facebook as well to increase your reach.

Instagram users spent almost half an hour daily engaging with content on the platform. Consider putting your deathcare firm out there to capture some of that attention.

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