Why Is Educational Content a Funeral Home Marketing Powerhouse?

About 20 percent of Americans say they fear death. But often, it’s anxiety about what comes after death — the unknown — that drives this fear. The unknown is also a factor for other common concerns, such as whether or not there will be enough money for the future or whether loved ones will be cared for.

A lot of these uncertainties can combine to keep people from committing to or properly considering deathcare services before they become immediate necessities. When surveyed, the majority of people indicate that anything unknown or not fully understood creates some level of anxiety for them. And since anxiety is uncomfortable, people tend to avoid situations that cause it.

As a deathcare service provider, you probably have experience working with people dealing with such fears and anxieties. But what you might not realize is that this human trait opens a powerful funeral home marketing door.

What Is Educational Content?
Educational content is any content that teaches or informs. In the deathcare industry, examples might include blogs about preplanning, infographics with tips on memorial services, or videos that walk someone visually through the options for caskets or urns.

Why Is Educational Content a Funeral Home Marketing Powerhouse?
Educational content lets you step on the toes of the unknown. Sure, no one can remove the entire mystery of death. But you can help individuals and families understand the options about what they can control.

It’s often an ideal content marketing choice for preplanning, because friendly, helpful advice that provides easy, actionable steps takes some fear out of the decision-making process. That encourages more people to engage in making these decisions now.

Quick Tips for Marketing With Educational Content
It’s easy for people to follow a slippery slope when they’re scared. And thinking about preplanning often slides a person’s mind right to death. Your educational content should do some uncoupling there.

First, you might teach that preplanning is a path to a more positive life. People who have handled their future arrangements can live without worrying about what’s to come. They also help protect their loved ones by ensuring this particular burden has already been carried.

Educational content can take numerous forms:

  • Blog posts that tackle individual subtopics, such as funeral costs, choosing between cremation or burial, what is a green burial, or how to choose a casket
  • Videos that cover the same information or simply introduce friendly funeral home staff who can talk about what to expect when preplanning or calling for at-need services
  • Infographics that provide quick visual references for facts or common steps in a process, such as arranging for veteran funeral benefits
  • Webinars that offer customized, in-depth information on a specific topic, such as how to get started
  • preplanning

However you plan to integrate educational content, do it in the same way you provide deathcare services: Be friendly, professional and compassionate in your delivery.

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