3 Ways You Might Be Alienating People on Social Media

As a deathcare professional, you’re likely attuned to social procedures. While every culture and family is different, you know that certain things are expected at a funeral service or memorial and have trained your staff accordingly. But did you know there are social expectations for how you engage and respond on social media?

Here are three things you might be doing that are rubbing people the wrong way and getting in the way of your conversion rates.

1. Auto Responding to Follows

You can use technology to ensure you DM every new follower to welcome them aboard. You can. But you shouldn’t.

Social media isn’t email. A welcome message is not expected and is, in fact, not welcome by most people. Social DMs (DM stands for direct message, by the way) are often hectic places, and people don’t need anyone showing up there who doesn’t have something of relevant value to add.

The way you can thank and support people who follow you is by consistently providing high-quality content on your page.

2. Ignoring Your DMs

On the other hand, if someone messages you first you should respond as quickly as possible. Almost 80 percent of people expect businesses to respond within 24 hours on social and 40 percent expect a response in the first hour.

Ensure you have processes—particularly during business hours—for responding to direct messages.

3. Posting and Ghosting

Posting content—or using an auto-scheduler to do so—and never showing up to engage with the people commenting on those posts comes across as rude. It also reduces the chance that people will engage with future posts. So make time during the week to show up and engage with your followers.

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