What Is Shareable Social Media Content, and Are You Creating It?

Shareable social media content is exactly what it sounds like: It’s content people are more likely to share with friends and family. Funeral homes that aren’t creating this type of social media marketing content are missing out on audience reach and engagement.

The Benefit of Creating Shareable Content

Shareable content helps push you above the average engagement rate for each platform. Engagement rate is the number of people on average that engage with your posts divided by your number of followers.

Average engagement rates are surprisingly low:

  • 16 percent for Instagram (about one engagement for every 116 followers)
  • 26 percent for Facebook (about one engagement for every 385 followers)
  • 07 percent for Twitter (about one engagement for every 1,428 followers)

Higher engagement on social platforms can mean better treatment by the platform algorithms. That helps you show up for more people, creating a potential cycle of even more engagement, increased connections, and higher conversion rates.

Tips for Creating Shareable Social Media Funeral Home Content

It’s a bad news, good news situation.

The bad news is that there’s no formula that works for every business. It takes time, practice, and testing to find what works for your funeral home and target audience.

The good news is that some tactics are proven to improve engagement and shares across most audiences and industries. They include:

  • Using images. Image posts on any social platform get more likes, shares, and comments than posts without pictures (or videos).
  • Ask for engagement. Let people know you’d love to hear their feedback and ask them to share with their friends. Asking for shares increases the chances of getting them substantially.
  • Keep your posts short and simple. Don’t lump multiple thoughts or messages into a single post. A good rule of thumb is: One point, one post.

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