Three Changes to Make in Your Funeral Home Online Marketing for 2019

How Digital Marketing will Change

The more things change, the more they stay the€¦ well, actually, that old adage isn’t true when it comes to online funeral home marketing. The new saying should be: “The more things change, the faster it happens.” That will be truer than ever in 2019.

If you want to keep up this year, here are three areas to pay attention to when it comes to online marketing:

  1. Video Marketing Will Continue to Climb

Video already drives a lot of traffic, and by 2022, experts predict it will command more than 80 percent of all online traffic. That’s only three years from now, so funeral homes that aren’t already using video should get started this year to remain competitive. It might seem as though death care is a challenging arena for video marketing, but that’s not necessarily true you might consider:

  • A word from our director” video
  • Virtual tours of the funeral home
  • Video testimonials from families you’ve served
  • Tactful explainer videos that answer questions about death care
  1. Everyone Feels the Need for Speed

Internet users are voracious in their appetite for speedy load times. The average load time for a mobile landing page in 2017 was a snail-paced 22 seconds, according to Google. It had improved to 15 seconds in 2018, but that’s still absurdly slow. More than half of mobile users say they will navigate away if a page takes more than 3 seconds to fully load. 

And with video an ever-increasing player in online marketing, your funeral home website’s page load speed is even more important. Funeral home marketers must ensure their sites work well on all devices and test pages regularly to ensure fast performance.

  1. Online Funeral Home Marketing Involves Balance

Content might still be king, but on-page content such as blog posts can’t make or break your marketing like they used to. Funeral homes must invest in diverse, well-balanced online marketing campaigns to ensure excellent performance in the search engines and consistent conversions once consumers get to landing pages or other content.

If staying competitive in 2019 sounds like an overwhelming task, it might be time to partner with a professional online marketing company that keeps up with the trends and ensures your death care company is always along for the ride.

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