How to Recover if You Lose Traffic Due to a Google Update

Last week we introduced the topic of Google updates and discussed when deathcare firms should pay attention to them. If your organic search traffic takes a sudden nosedive, you need to find out if there was a recent Google update and what might have impacted your pages.

In these cases, take the steps below to regain traffic on your site.


Find Out What Google Might Have Targeted

Search for information on recent Google updates. Sites like Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land tend to do a good job of summarizing major Google updates and how they might impact traffic.

If you’re working with a marketing partner like Ring Ring Marketing, you can also reach out to your partner. Let them know you see concerning trends with your page traffic and want to dig into root causes. Your marketing company probably already knows about major Google updates and can tell you if that’s behind your drop in search traffic.


Audit and Refresh Existing Content on Your Site

Once you know what Google targeted in its most recent update, you can audit existing content for those issues. For example, if most experts believe a recent Google update downgraded pages with high keyword densities, you can look for blog posts and landing pages on your site that use keywords too many times.

Refresh the offending content by editing it or replacing it with updated information. It can take a few weeks for this updated content to get indexed in the search engines and help increase your traffic, so be patient.


Make Necessary Changes to Your Editorial Calendar

If you have content planned for your funeral home blog or deathcare webpage already, go through those plans and make tweaks as needed to match any new Google requirements.

We’ve talked a lot about Google updates and planning content to help increase traffic for Google. Check next week’s RRM blog to find out whether you should worry about search engines other than Google.

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