3 Reasons to Use Paid Social Media Advertising for Deathcare

Less than a quarter of businesses on Facebook use paid Facebook ads. If you’re not one of the 24 percent of businesses paying for exposure on social media, you could be making a big marketing mistake. Discover three reasons to make social media ads a part of your deathcare marketing strategy below.

1. It’s Inexpensive and Cost-Effective

You decide how much you spend on social media ads, and you can test the waters with campaigns that start as low as $5. The ROI on your campaigns depends on the quality of your ads and how well you target them.

The average cost-per-click on Facebook is about 97 cents. It’s 38 cents on Twitter, though average CPC rises to just over $3.50 on Instagram.

Your numbers will obviously differ, but if you’re paying $1 for a click on Facebook and have a 2 percent conversion rate on preplanning offers, $100 in social media advertising gets you two new preplanning clients. Not a bad ROI for fairly minimal effort.

2. You Can’t Rely on Organic Reach

Why not make free posts on social media instead of paying for them? On average, only around 5 percent of the people who follow your page will see any given post you make. That number goes up if the post is liked, shared, or commented on, but it can be lower too.

However, it goes up even more if you boost the post (turn it into a paid ad). Then you can target specific social media users—whether or not they already follow you—and ensure your post shows up in people’s feeds.

3. You Connect with People Where They Are

Millions of people sign into social media multiple times a day. Consumers engage with these platforms for entertainment, connection, and to find out about businesses and products. Paying to advertise on social media platforms lets you put your message on channels people are already perusing, which can increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

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