Deathcare Marketing Trends 2023: Social Media Stories

We’re wrapping up our November series on 2023 marketing trends. If you’ve missed any of the four previous posts, don’t forget to catch up on conversational marketing, personalization, user-generated content, and interactive content.

All these trends work together to create powerhouse marketing strategies that engage people and drive more conversions. Today, we’re looking at how deathcare firms can use social media stories for marketing.

What Are Social Media Stories?

Social media stories refer to short content clips that display in a series. On Instagram and Facebook, stories are vertical images or videos, and you can overlay text and stickers to add context.

Social media stories let you post more frequently on these channels without crossing barriers that may alienate or aggravate audiences in regular newsfeeds. They’re also geared toward more conversational, interactive content, which makes it easier to foster community and connection on social media.

Ways Deathcare Firms Can Use Social Media Stories for Marketing

  • Share behind-the-scenes or day-in-the-life stories. Pick a day of the month to highlight a specific aspect of your business or hand the social media reins over to a certain employee for a day-in-the-life series. Your account manager can post a few stories throughout the day sharing what they do, or the funeral director can humanize the entire business by sharing about how he or she balances being on call with supporting their own family. Be friendly and have fun, but ensure you’re maintaining important professional boundaries like protecting the identity of clientele when necessary.
  • Give short talks and tips. Choose a day of the week for tips and talks. You might offer Tuesday Deathcare Tips and have the funeral director post short videos with tips on how to plan final arrangements or definitions of confusing topics.
  • Ask questions via polls. Get the audience involved by asking questions and prompting them to answer. Social media stories typically include options for posting poll and question stickers that automate the entire process.
  • Be real in the moment. Consumers want to work with businesses that are run by real people. Use social media stories to humanize your brand by being real and authentic in the moment. Take a moment to share a big win or the grief of a loss, for example.

Marketing in 2023 isn’t a complete mystery. For the most part, deathcare firms should continue creating quality content and pay attention to SEO and marketing trends they can integrate, including those we’ve covered this month on the blog.

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