Five Signs It’s Time to Switch SEO Providers

In a survey of 1,200 businesses, Backlinko asked about satisfaction with current SEO providers. Less than a third of businesses polled said they would recommend their SEO company to anyone else. Regardless, on average, businesses stayed with their providers for about two years.

You don’t have to stick with a company that’s not providing excellent service. Here are a few signs it’s time to dump your funeral home SEO provider:

  1. Your paid ad efforts always outclass your organic SEO. In some cases, paid advertising delivers when SEO doesn’t, and that’s why an integrated funeral home marketing approach is often best. But if organic SEO never has anything to offer, something’s wrong—you might need a smarter SEO plan or a harder-working provider.
  2. Traffic on your website has declined. Traffic does rise and fall with the season, the Google update or the fickle trends of searchers. But if you see a steady slide downward, your SEO is likely in need of a facelift.
  3. Traffic on your website has plateaued for a long period of time. The status quo is rarely the goal when it comes to online marketing, and while your site traffic may stall for a time, it shouldn’t be a steady line for months. That’s highly unlikely and could indicate a problem with analytics. And if the data is accurate, you need new SEO ideas and campaigns to resuscitate your online presence from its flatline.
  4. Your site isn’t any easier to use or faster than it was before you hired your SEO company. SEO companies don’t just plug in keywords or help with content. Whether your site is fast and mobile friendly plays a big role in your Google ranking. If your SEO company isn’t working with you (or on your behalf) to boost site performance, they may not be providing comprehensive services.
  5. Your site is actually performing worse. On the other hand, if whatever your SEO company does is making things worse, then you have an immediate problem to sort out.

SEO services aren’t a magic potion that “poofs” you to the top of search results, and even the best SEO companies take time to produce results. But if you’re seeing one or more of the above signs, it’s definitely time to have a long talk with your funeral home SEO provider.

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