3 Tips for Sourcing Free Photos for Funeral Home Marketing

Creative commons. Licenses and copyright restrictions. Attribution. These are some of the terms associated with online images—and the reasons you can’t just grab the photos you like off Google images and slap them on your site.

But you also don’t have to pay a professional photographer for studio sessions every time you want to add images to your social media updates, blog posts, or landing pages. Here are three tips for sourcing free photos for funeral home marketing.

1. Take Your Own Images

This is especially helpful for social media posts. A high-quality mobile phone camera can capture the images you need to create a more engaging feed, and since you or your staff are the photographers, you don’t have to worry about copyright or licenses at all.

Just remember to take care with images that might contain your clientele. Get permission from anyone in the image before you post such photos online.

2. Use a Free Stock Photo Site

Some sites specialize in gathering free stock photos. These are images that can be used without payment, but you do have to read the fine print.

  • Check that the image can be used for commercial purposes.
  • Look for language that says you can alter the image. Otherwise, you have to use it exactly as is—which means you can’t even crop it for social media.
  • Make sure you know whether the photo requires attribution. If it does, you must give photo credit to the photographer or image owner when you use it.

Some free stock photo sites include and

3. Tap into Your Audience

You can try asking people to share their own images and give you permission to use them in your marketing. One way of doing this is to hold a social media contest. A funeral home could post about the meaning of family, for example, and ask for people to share their own pictures on that theme. Or you could ask for people to share images of what it means to memorialize someone.

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