Simple Keyword and Topic Research with Soovle

The internet is full of keyword research tools. Some cost a lot of money, some are free, and a few cost about the price of a cup of coffee. They also range in complexity, and some have a steep learning curve before you can generate ROI.

One free tool that’s super easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of SEO or keyword knowledge is Soovle. By typing in a single topic or phrase, you can generate numerous suggestions for additional related keywords. You don’t have to click around in a complex interface or understand keyword analytics.

For example, typing “preplanning funeral” returns results such as:

  • Preplanning funeral checklist
  • Preplanning funeral trust
  • Preplan funeral costs
  • What does a funeral greeter do?
  • Veterans preplan funeral
  • How many people preplan funerals?

Those are all great keywords to include in content, but they’re also six diverse topics you might cover in unique blog posts. That makes Soovle a great starting point if you’re trying to come up with new content for your funeral home blog, social media page, or YouTube channel.

Speaking of YouTube, Soovle does something helpful for keyword research. It divides the list of keywords by site. You get results for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube, along with a few others. That lets you see whether certain subtopics might work best via different channels.

For example, for the topic “funeral cost”, Soovle returns a few results for YouTube that don’t show up in the other columns. One of them is “ask a mortician funeral cost.”

This might indicate that a video that involves a deathcare professional, like a funeral director, discussing the costs of funerals might be content that resonates with your audience.

You can access Soovle at and get started by typing phrases into the search box in the center of the screen.

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