Younger Adults Living With Older Parents Could Be Game Changers for Funeral Home Marketing

When you’re marketing funeral home services and other deathcare products, keep in mind that you may be speaking to entire households. Changing family dynamics, including more adults living with their parents, may alter how those marketing messages are received.

More Young Adults Are Living With Their Parents

In summer 2020, more than half of adults aged 18 to 29 lived with their parents, and a good number of those aged 30 and older did so as well. The number of adults living with parents hasn’t been that high since the Great Depression.

Challenging economic times, the COVID-19 pandemic, struggles to get out from under student loan debt, and a competitive housing market for buyers all contribute to this situation. And while the number of adults living with parents may ebb and flow, this trend isn’t likely to see a fast reversal in near-future years.

Why Household Perception of Funeral Home Marketing Matters

Depending on family dynamics, adult children may often have a say in their parents’ financial decisions and long-term plans. Many adult children help older parents navigate government benefits, understand options for long-term care, and decide whether preplanning might be right for them. Funeral home marketing should always keep those perspectives in mind.

But knowing that more adult children are in the home makes these considerations even more important. Parents don’t have to call children to discuss their own preplanning or Aunt Betty’s funeral arrangements. Adult children may see mailers, hear phone calls, or watch as their parents conduct Google research—increasing the chance that they’ll voice their opinions or offer to help.

Funeral home marketing designed to target older adults can still do this job, but keep in mind that younger loved ones might be watching. They could be concerned about scams or their parents being taken advantage of, for example, so it’s a good idea to be as transparent and clear as possible with your marketing efforts. Deathcare firms might also consider secondary marketing efforts meant to target younger adults who are helping their parents.

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