Funeral Home Online Marketing Picnic Basket: A Virtual Packing List

Every summer, around 2.6 billion BBQs or picnics are enjoyed. One of the things that makes a great picnic or backyard cookout is the same thing that makes great funeral home marketing: a comprehensive list of supplies.

The only difference is that your funeral home online marketing basket is filled with virtual supplies and tools. Forgive us as we indulge in some educational fun, and check out our picnic-inspired packing list to ensure you’re ready to engage with potential clientele online this summer.

The Entrée
Fried chicken, sandwiches, or ribs slathered in sauce: These are the centerpieces of a summer cookout.

The centerpiece of funeral home marketing is your website and the content on it. It’s where people end up when they click links on social media or in search engines, and the content on your site is what ultimately converts someone to call you for an appointment.

Ingredients for sweet summer funeral home website marketing:

  • Quality content that’s relevant to the reader
  • Ample keywords for strong SEO, but not so many that readability is impacted
  • Strong internal and external linking that helps build authority

The Sides
Corn on the cob, BBQ beans, coleslaw: These are the fixings that help round out the meat.

The sides of your funeral home marketing are paid advertising. Sure, meat is great on its own, but it’s not a full-course meal that provides all the right nutrients. And your website and organic SEO is critical, but ads help you:

  • Drive more traffic to your site, especially while you’re waiting for organic SEO efforts to show results
  • Show up for at-need families when they search online
  • Increase brand awareness or retarget people who previously showed interest in your preplanning services

The Dessert
If you don’t think there are people that show up to the cookout solely for the desserts, you’re wrong. And there are plenty of people who will only deal with a business if they see plenty of positive reviews about the firm.

That makes online reviews the dessert in your funeral home marketing basket. And like the last course of the meal, reviews are easy to overlook when you’re planning. Make sure to include Google reviews as a priority in your funeral home marketing plans by regularly asking satisfied families if they’re willing to leave a review for you.

Condiments and Supplies
Ketchup, paper plates and plastic forks, and napkins: These are just some of the things that make for a successful picnic. For your funeral home marketing basket, you’ll want to throw in items such as social media posts, meta descriptions and tags, and email drip campaigns. The small things make a big difference—for picnics and funeral home marketing.

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