How Many Keywords Do You Need for Funeral Home Marketing?

We’ve seen clients who think they need to shove 20 keywords into a 500-word blog post. We’ve also seen clients who don’t think keywords are that important. Get the true talk on keywords for funeral home marketing below.

Yes, Keywords Still Matter

They aren’t the only thing that matters, but you still need them. Keywords help match your content with what someone is searching for. That’s why Google and other search engines still use keywords as one of the tools for ranking pages in SERPs.

You Don’t Need Dozens

Typically, for a blog post or landing page, you need one primary keyword. This is the one that determines the intent of the searcher and provides big-picture direction for your content.

It also helps to include a couple of secondary keywords that support the primary and provide more direction. These secondary keywords can help Google see that your content is about a specific intent or subtopic related to the keyword.

Most keyword research tools today also provide a list of dozens of semantic keywords. These are just phrases people use naturally when talking about the topic. If you’re writing high-quality, relevant conversational content, you’re going to include many of those phrases naturally.

Put Keywords in the Right Places

Placement is important, because some parts of on-page content are weightier than others when it comes to SEO. Make sure you’re including primary and secondary keywords in titles, subheadings, first paragraphs, and image tags and captions when possible.

But never choose keywords over quality. Readability and relevancy trump keyword use every time when you’re aiming for quality content.

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