ChatGPT: Is It a Good Tool for Funeral Home Marketing? (Part 1)

ChatGPT is a chatbot, but it’s unlike the ones you have likely used before. Launched in November 2022, this bot can hold high-level discussions and fetch all manner of information for you from across the web. It’s advanced enough to create entire paragraphs without sounding like a machine, but can—and should—you use it to write funeral home marketing content?

Artificial intelligence is a growing player in the content and search engine optimization worlds. For the rest of February, you can find AI-related content on the Ring Ring Marketing blog every Tuesday. We’ll dive into what you should and shouldn’t use automated tools for, starting with ChatGPT.

The bottom line on automated content is that Google doesn’t allow it. Google Search Essentials—the guidelines that provide best practices for optimization—say automatic content is prohibited. In March 2022, John Mueller of Google said that AI-generated content falls under “automated content,” so that’s a no to using ChatGPT to write all your content. Doing so could put your page rank at risk or even get you de-indexed.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this and other AI tools to enhance content creation ability and efficiency.

For example, if you’re wondering what to include in a blog post about funeral expenses, you can ask this AI bot. It scours content on the web and uses that information to create a reply.

I asked it, “What are five common questions about funeral costs?” It provided the following list:

  • What is the average cost of a funeral?
  • Are there different costs for cremation versus burial?
  • Does the cost of a funeral vary depending on the location or funeral home?
  • Does the cost of a funeral depend on the type of casket or urn chosen?
  • Are there any government or community programs that can help with funeral costs?

These are all fairly keyword-rich questions that would provide value for searchers. You could include them as subheadings in a blog post on funeral costs or as FAQs on a funeral package page.

Read next week’s blog post to find out how you can use this same tool for research to enhance the authority of your content.



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