5 Deathcare Social Media Marketing Metrics to Consider

Throughout this month, we’ve discussed the importance of social media marketing for deathcare firms and provided tips for creating valuable content and brand cohesion on these platforms. On this final post in our series on social media marketing, we’re defining five metrics you can use to understand whether your efforts are successful.

1. Reach

Reach refers to how many people see your posts. Not everyone who follows you on a social media platform will see every post. In fact, on sites like Facebook and Instagram, you can expect a 1 to 3 percent average reach. That means one to three people for every 100 will see your posts without some help.

Ways to increase reach include:

  • Creating content people engage with. When people like and share your content, more people see it.
  • Creating valuable content. When your content is valuable enough that people regularly engage with it, the social media algorithms show it to more people.
  • Paying to boost your posts. You can turn any post into an advertisement. Paying to boost posts ensures they show up for people that don’t follow you.

2. Engagement

Engagement occurs when someone likes, comments, shares, or saves your post. It’s important because it helps ensure more people see your content. When your posts have high engagement numbers, you also know that you’re providing content that the audience needs or wants.

Just be sure to align content with your business goals so you’re not chasing likes or shares for their own sake. You don’t want to go viral with a silly meme that doesn’t have anything to do with your business, for example.


Larger follower counts mean a bigger potential audience. Again, you shouldn’t chase followers just for the numbers. A thousand followers who are likely to engage in preplanning services is better than 10,000 followers who have no intention of purchasing funeral services. But growing your follower count intentionally can be good for your social media marketing performance.

4. CTR

Click-through rate (CTR) refers to how often someone clicks on the links in your social media posts and profiles. Increasing your CTR brings more traffic to your deathcare website, which can lead to more people investing in your services.

5. Conversions

Conversions occur when people make an appointment, sign up for a webinar, or purchase preplanning or at-need services. This is the most important metric in measuring the success of your social media campaigns because it’s directly related to your business goal. After all, you can have all the likes and follows in the world and go out of business if no one is choosing your firm for deathcare services.


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