Funeral Home Webinar Marketing: Three Signs It’s Right for Your Firm

More than 70 percent of leaders in sales and marketing say webinars are one of the best ways to generate leads. And if you can make this tactic work for you, the leads you generate are usually highly qualified and likely to convert.

To understand whether funeral home webinar marketing might work well for your deathcare firm, consider the following checklist.

1. You Offer Preplanning Options
Webinars work well for long sales cycles or anything you can provide education about. No one facing an at-need situation is going to sign up for your funeral home webinar to figure out how to deal with it. When marketing to at-need clientele, stick to blog posts and other formats that can provide immediate advice and information.

Preneed webinars, on the other hand, can cover numerous topics. You can explain what preplanning is and how to go about it, go through the options for preplanning, host a webinar on planning your own memorial, or provide tips for talking to loved ones about these decisions.

2. You Have Someone on Staff Comfortable in Front of the Camera
Webinars do involve a certain amount of show and tell, which is to say that someone from your firm will need to show their face. If you don’t have anyone comfortable with this type of communication, any webinar you host might come off as awkward and hesitant, which isn’t ideal for building trust and authority.

You also want the person leading the webinar to be intimately familiar with the products or topic, so they can answer questions in real time and ensure your business looks like an expert.

3. Your Online Reviews Speak to Education and Support
Not sure if you’re ready to host a funeral home webinar? Check out what people are saying in online reviews. If you see a lot of reviewers praising your staff for providing information in an easy-to-understand, helpful way, this can indicate who might be ready to get in front of the webcam to provide the same service to a larger audience.

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