Funeral Home Display Advertising: What Is It and Should You Spend on It?

According to Google, its display advertising network reaches the vast majority of internet users around the world—about 90 percent of them. But deathcare firms don’t usually need to reach global audiences, so is there even a point to funeral home display advertising? As a matter of fact, there is.

What Is Display Advertising?
Also referred to as banner advertising, display advertising conveys your message via banner ads that include text, images, and sometimes animations or other dynamic elements.

When you navigate to a website and see banner ads across the top, side, or bottom of the page, that’s display advertising. Display ads can also be shown in other areas of the page, in emails and apps, or on social media sites.

Three Benefits of Funeral Home Display Ads

  • You can target them. As with search or text ads, you manage how your display ad campaigns run. You can target who sees the ads by some factors, most notably online behavior. Retarget people who have previously shown an interest in preplanning via related searches or by visiting your funeral home site.
  • You can beat the competition. Mobile display ads account for almost 48 percent of total ad spend. It accounts for more ad spend than television, radio, and print combined. If you’re not investing in display ads because you’re sticking to traditional advertising, you’re leaving the door wide open for your competition.
  • Display ads create a human picture. The ability to incorporate images and photographs into display ads let you create a more human communication than might be possible with text alone. In a people-centric business, the ability to spark feelings of compassion and trust with visual elements can be extremely valuable.

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