Online Marketing Audit: Why Funeral Homes Should Do One

When was the last time your funeral home was audited?

No, we’re not talking about a visit from the IRS or Federal Trade Commission. We’re talking about a voluntary audit of your funeral home marketing strategy. It’s something you can perform yourself or task an experienced funeral home marketing firm with handling.

What Is an Online Marketing Audit?
An online marketing audit involves gathering and reviewing data about the performance of your marketing strategies. That includes pages on your website as well as social posts, ads, emails, and anything else you use to drum up interest in your business online.

When reviewing the data, you’re looking for trends and indications of performance. Are some things working well? Are others not driving as much traffic or business as you thought? Should you be targeting different keywords?

Is one of your pages getting a lot of traffic (which means your SEO is on point), but it’s not driving many conversions (which might mean you’re targeting the wrong users or your on-page content is weak)?

The Benefits of Auditing Your Funeral Home Marketing Strategy
Using current data to answer these questions helps you understand where your funeral home marketing strategy is right now so you can plan to move it closer to where you’d like to be. Some benefits of an audit can include:

  • Knowledge and insights that let you make better marketing decisions
  • A better understanding of your target audience so you can customize content to your ideal clientele
  • Identification of low-hanging fruit that you can quickly maximize for a boost in performance

The downside of a funeral home marketing audit is that it’s not always easy to conduct a meaningful one. First, you need access to the data involved. Next, you have to be able to convert that data into a format that lets you understand it and make decisions based off it.

Finally, you have to make the right decisions. That’s something that gets easier with experience, which is why it’s often a good idea to work with a professional marketing firm.

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