Putting Carousel Ads to Work in Your Funeral Home Marketing

Your brain—like the brains of most other people—is hardwired to register and pay attention to motion.

That makes sense when you consider historic peoples wandering the forest, desert, or mountain. Whatever their location, one thing was the same: If something were moving, it could be a threat.

While most people aren’t pushed to fight-or-flight responses by the movement on their screens today, your mind is more likely to register a moving image than a static one. Which is one reason video marketing can be so powerful.

But you don’t have to create videos to get the benefits of movement. Carousel ads offer another option.

What are carousel ads?
Carousel ads are a series of images and text combinations that rotate across the page. They’re common on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where they appear like native content within the feed. But they’re also showing up on regular websites.

Benefits of carousel ads for funeral home marketing
Creating compelling online ads can be difficult in any industry, and it’s especially hard in a niche such as deathcare. You often need to convey a few pieces of information to help someone feel comfortable clicking your ad to learn more, for example.

In addition to eye-catching movement, carousel ads offer more space to convey your message. Instead of a single static image, you might be able to fill four or more slides with pictures, text, and even short video clips.

Users can often click or scroll through parts of a carousel ad actively without waiting for the ads to move on their own. Piquing someone’s interest enough to scroll is easier than converting them to click through, so that puts less burden on that first ad slide. But once someone starts scrolling through, they’ve already made a step in the right direction and it can be easier to persuade them to make the next step—such as calling or clicking.

Consider using carousel ads in your funeral home marketing if you have:

  • A short story to tell about your firm, services, or products
  • Numerous product options to show, such as various rooms where memorials can be held
  • Educational ad content to share, such as how easy it is to benefit from preplanning

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