One Easy Tip for Maximizing Deathcare Blog Content Performance

Businesses that post blogs consistently have websites that perform better in search results. They also tend to have better conversion rates, which means people coming to those sites are more likely to take actions such as purchasing services or making appointments.

Obviously, you’re more likely to experience those benefits if your blog content is high quality. You can do a lot to make that happen, but today we’re looking at one super easy tip to increase blog post quality and performance:


Choose one topic per post and stick with it.

It really is that simple. It’s easy to start writing a blog post and get caught in tangents and rambles. But the person who clicked on your link wants an answer to a specific question or information on a certain topic. Don’t make them wade through everything else to find it, or they’re likely to click away and get their information with your competitors.

Here are a few tips for making each piece of deathcare blog content topic-specific:

  • Stick to a primary keyword and a few related secondary keywords. Don’t try to cover all keywords in a single post. If your primary keyword is “funeral service average cost”, shoving in keywords about eulogies causes your page to veer off topic.
  • Plan content hubs. If your audience is interested in preplanning, create many blog posts on the topic, covering each subtopic in depth in its own post. You can link to them in an overall pillar post that gives a basic overview of preplanning and links out to subtopics on subjects like cost, how to pay for it, how to talk to family members about decisions, or cremation vs. burial.
  • Cover each topic fully. Limiting yourself to a single topic doesn’t mean you’re writing a short post. Cover every topic comprehensively in its own post to provide the most value to your audience.

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