3 Tips for Improving Funeral Home PPC Marketing Going Into 2022

Did you know that only around 2 percent of visitors to your site convert the first time they hit your pages? If you’re not using ads to remarket, you may be missing out on a lot of potential clientele! Learn more about this tip and two others below.

1. Use Remarketing

Retargeting or remarketing is the process of showing ads to people who have already been on your site as they browse the rest of the internet. Google does this via a complex set of tools that uses IP addresses and other information to know that the same person who was on your site is now looking at shoes on a retailer website or reading a news article. If the new site supports Google ads, your ad may show up.

Remarketing is important because it helps you make the multiple touchpoints it can take to create a sale. It also keeps your firm in the mind of a consumer so they think to call you in their time of need or are more likely to choose your services when they’re ready to start preplanning.

2. Use Microsoft Ad Tools

We talk a lot about Google ads and search because Google is the undisputed king of the space. But Microsoft has made a lot of headway. For example, Microsoft advertising gets around 30% of all mobile search clicks, so it’s worth investing at least a little in these ads.

But don€™t simply copy your Google campaigns over to Microsoft properties and call it a day. Microsoft offers some tools that aren’t available on Google, such as CTA buttons near ads, and you might want to set some of those up.

3. Ensure Your Website Is Ready for Traffic

As you’re tweaking ads to drive more traffic, don’t forget to shine up your funeral home website. Make sure the content is relevant to your ad campaigns, that the pages load quickly, and that you have clear instructions on what people should do next, such as clicking to make an appointment or checking out your service packages.

If your site isn’t ready to support potential clientele, they’ll click away almost as soon as you get there. Which leads to a lot of wasted ad money.

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