What Is Clubhouse, and Should Funeral Homes Use It for Social Media Marketing?

Clubhouse is a relatively new social media marketing app that’s turned exclusion into the new marketing buzzword. But is this non-inclusive app something you should consider for funeral home social media marketing?

What Is Clubhouse?

It’s an audio-based social media platform. Instead of gathering in traditional chatrooms where they type to each other, users join audio chat rooms to discuss topics.

It’s not quite free for all. Anyone with Clubhouse can host a chat for free and present information via audio. Participants can “raise a hand” and, if the host allows it, ask a question. Hosts can incorporate guest speakers or members of the audience into the presentation as desired.

Business marketers and thought-leaders have also begun to host chats on specific topics. This lets them speak as an authority on a topic and engage directly with others via Q&A sessions and authentic discussions.

The Pros and Cons of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is incredibly interactive, which can help ensure the audience is engaging with your content. For example, if you’re doing a preplanning presentation, you can ask what people are worried about with preplanning, getting the audience to actually vocalize those fears so you can address them.

Hearing other people interacting with you can also help people feel like you’re a real person and that they aren’t alone in their preplanning journey. They can hear other people like them taking the same journey.

On the downside, Clubhouse is not inclusive as of mid-2021. You can’t even become a Clubhouse user without an invite from an existing user. The app is also only available on iOS devices.

So, if you’re looking to use Clubhouse for funeral home marketing right now, you might be segmenting your audience more than you mean to.

However, as funeral homes look to expand marketing to up-and-coming audiences, Clubhouse is a platform to keep an eye on. Eventually, it may come out of the invite phase and be more readily available, even expanding to Android devices—making it a great way to connect with audio learners and share about preplanning options.

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