Place: The Third P of Your Deathcare Marketing Mix

Over the past few weeks, we’ve delved into the 4 Ps of marketing on Tuesdays. Click back to check out our introduction to marketing mix at the beginning of the month and catch up with our blog posts on product and price if you haven’t read them yet.

This week, we’ll cover what you need to know about defining the third P of marketing: place.


What Is Place in a Marketing Mix?

Place covers all the locations (physical and digital) involved in selling and marketing your product.

It starts with the obvious: Where do you provide your product? For deathcare firms, this might mean a funeral home or crematory location. Cemeteries provide services on their properties, and death doulas or grief counselors might provide services in offices or even in people’s homes.

Next, consider the scope of that location and who might be interested in and able to use your services. Should you market mostly to local consumers? Do your services have a regional or national reach? The answers to these questions change your entire marketing strategy.

Finally, consider where you should advertise and market. What channels are most likely to reach your target audience and support an engaging connection. Options can range from your deathcare website and social media to local radio or neighborhood events.

Defining place is critical to all your marketing efforts and is a great bridge to the next P of marketing: promotion. Read the blog for the final Tuesday of the month to find out more about promotion’s place in the marketing mix.

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