Nondigital Funeral Home Marketing Part 4: Showing Up for the Community

This month we’ve covered a number of nondigital funeral home advertising tools, including direct mailers, radio ads, and print advertising. In this last post of the series, we’re talking about how showing up for your community can be a great way to market your funeral home.

Why Show Up for Your Community?

Ensuring your business is present for your community is a good idea no matter what niche you’re in. It humanizes your brand and makes people feel good about trusting you when they need service.

For a funeral home, the benefits can be even greater. You’re providing a highly personal service, and when people in your town feel like they “know” your business and staff, they may feel more inclined to call on you when they’re in need or are ready to start preplanning.

Potential Ways Community Support and Advertising Can Merge

You can advertise your funeral home while also showing that you care about and support the local community in a number of ways. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Special print advertising. Look for opportunities to support schools, churches, or other organizations by paying for an ad to appear in event programs, yearbooks, or even school newspapers. You might also consider options for ads on local menus.
  • Support youth sports or extracurriculars. Sponsor a local Little League team to get your business’s name on uniforms, pitch in to fund a new park for a spot on field banners or scoreboards, or support local swim events and have your firm name printed on the flyers. When your funeral home supports these types of activities, you get to make a positive impact on the community while ensuring the people who live there are aware of your business.
  • Sponsor booths at local events. From charity 5ks to local school fairs, show up with your staff to man a booth. Depending on the type of event, you might provide free preplanning information or simply put up your banner and make brochures available in a discreet corner while you serve snacks or run a game for local kids.

Don’t forget that you can build community online too. Being responsive on social media and engaging with people who have questions and comment on your posts is always a good idea. Consider ways you can serve your community online and off to build trust and awareness for your business.

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