5 Tools to Use For Deathcare Content Curation

Every Tuesday this month we’ve covered a topic related to deathcare content curation. The first post in this series introduced content curation and its benefits. We also covered best practices for content curation and three types of content deathcare firms might want to curate.

We’re ending this series with five tools you can use to make content curation even easier.

Google Alerts

The biggest challenge in curating content is finding quality content you can share with your audience. While you can share high-quality evergreen content, it’s a good idea to ensure you’re also sharing content that’s as new as possible. That way, you’re offering your readers information and links they may not have seen elsewhere.

Google Alerts lets you put the search for relevant content on autopilot. Navigate to and enter topics or keywords to set up alerts. When Google finds new content that matches your parameters, it sends you an email.


ShareIt scours the web for content based on keywords you enter. You get immediate results and can even share information directly to social media from the ShareIt platform. If you log in with a Twitter account, you get unlimited content suggestions for free.


ContentGems lets you set up filters to find content related to your keywords or topics. You can also set up workflows to automatically share certain content to your social media pages, if desired. You can set up two filters and workflows for free or pay $10 per month for 10 filters and workflows. A premium account costs $99 and lets you set up 100 filters and workflows, but this is likely overkill for most deathcare firms.


Once you publish curated or original content on your deathcare blog, you may want to share it on social media. You might also want to share links to any interesting content you find in your curation research. Hootsuite lets you quickly create posts as you come across content but schedule them for posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at a later date. You can manage 10 social media accounts for $99 a month.


Later is another social media scheduling app. It offers functions similar to Hootsuite. You can manage a full set of social media accounts including one each on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn for $18 per month via Later’s starter plan. This plan lets you make 30 posts per month on each social profile, which is sufficient for most deathcare firms.

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