Google Maps One-Box: What It Is, Why You Want It, and How to Win It

If you’re the only funeral home for miles around, it’s easy to “win” the Google Maps one-box. But even if you have competition in your location, smart funeral home content marketing can help you land this coveted Google search result.

What Is a Google Maps One-Box Result?

Google sometimes returns local search results with a map that shows the locations of nearby related businesses. Often, the map is formatted as a local pack result: three businesses Google believes most match the search query.

Google Maps One Box

Sometimes, Google only finds one business that it believes serves the query well enough for a map result. When that happens, the single business is shown in the box, and it’s the only pinpoint on the accompanying map. This is a Google Maps “one-box” result.

Why Is It Important to Funeral Home Marketing?

A one-box result puts your funeral home page in a prime location in the search results. Usually, it appears both in the map (to the right of the page) and in the organic listings (to the left). This makes it much more likely the user will choose to click on your links over others in the search results.

How Can You Land a Google Maps One-Box Result?

If you’re the only death care provider in town, a one-box result is likely. But funeral homes with local competition can get the result for very specific or niche services. For example, if you provide pet urns or offer a unique memorial option such as inurnment in a coral reef or teddy bear urns, you could seek the one-box result for these services.

To help ensure you get a one-box result, follow these funeral home content marketing steps:

  • Create a landing page on your site for the specialty product or service; make it as specific as possible.
  • Insert internal links to that page on your home page, other landing pages, or blog posts.
  • List and link to the page on your main landing page (or whatever page you link to from your Google My Business profile).

While nothing can guarantee a certain outcome in Google search results, these funeral home content marketing efforts can increase your chance at a coveted one-box or local pack result.

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