3 Ways AI Is Positively Impacting SEO Efforts

For the past two weeks on Tuesdays, we’ve looked at some ways you can use the AI tool ChatGPT in deathcare marketing efforts. One of the biggest takeaways from the previous discussions was that you shouldn’t have AI writing all your content—that can frustrate potential clientele and get your content banned from Google.

However, AI does have its place in deathcare marketing. In this post, we’ll look at three ways artificial intelligence and automation is making SEO easier.


1. Better Understand Search Engine Rankings

For years, whether a page would rank high in Google results came down to a lot of finger-crossing.

Yes, content marketers do understand the basics of SEO and know that using the right keywords and writing high-quality, relevant content helps page rank.

But what do you do if you’ve invested in quality content, placed keywords in all the right places, and even attended to technical details like alt image tags but your page remains buried on page 30 in the search results? New AI tools are helping marketers understand what else they can do to impact page rank with deep, automated analytics dives that consider search engine behavior.


2. See How Your Content Stacks Up to the Competition

The old-fashioned way to analyze the competition’s content is to conduct a Google search using your primary keyword and review the top 10 pages in the search results.

That takes a lot of time, and as a person, you can’t consider the hundreds or thousands of factors that a computer can when comparing that content to yours. AI marketing tools are making it possible to get increasingly complex competitive analyses that help you create deathcare content that serves your target audience and stands out in the crowd.


3. Get Insights Into the E-A-T Value of Your Content

Google’s E-A-T (expert, authoritative, and trustworthy) requirements have been around for a while now, but they’ve always been somewhat vague. Google doesn’t provide a specific scoring tool, so deathcare firms and other businesses can’t always tell if the content they’re publishing meets E-A-T requirements enough to help with SEO performance.

New AI tools are coming out that gather data about Google ranking behavior to provide a sort of E-A-T score that helps you make positive changes to your content.

Should you do everything the computer tells you when it comes to deathcare content? No, because you ultimately know your audience and your business best. But these up-and-coming AI tools offer a lot of support in understanding why your content performs the way it does and what you can do about it.

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