3 Ideas for Live Social Media Deathcare Marketing Events

Lockdowns might have come and (hopefully) gone, but the COVID-19 pandemic left behind a lot of habits. One of those is a consumer desire for more real-time interaction on social media. Learn more below and get three ideas for incorporating live social media events into your deathcare marketing efforts.

Why Live Events?

Before the pandemic, Facebook Live and other real-time interactive technology was growing in popularity. But the pandemic created a clamor for these instant touchpoints, with individuals and businesses being encouraged to “show their face” on social media to build digital community at a time when face-to-face community was impossible.

Many people enjoyed those live events, and consumers are used to them now. They look forward to them, and businesses of all types are using them to drive higher engagement rates, build community, and support better conversions.

Live Events Don’t Need to Be Lavish

Webinars are a tried-and-true technique for marketing preneed services. But your live events don’t need to be an hour long or involve a ton of work. Social media makes it possible to connect with others in real-time with quick updates or mini-events.

3 Ideas for Deathcare Marketing Live Events on Social Media

You do need a plan for what events you’ll hold and how they fit into your overall deathcare marketing strategy. Once you make that plan, executing it can take less than an hour a week. Here are some ideas for live social media events to include in deathcare marketing efforts.

  1. Provide a tour: All you need is a smartphone with a decent camera, and you can give a live tour of your location. Show off the remodel of your visiting room or give people an (appropriate!) inside look at your operations. People are naturally curious, and a live tour lets you react to questions and explain things in real time.
  2. Answer some questions: Speaking of answering questions, set aside a 15-minute live window weekly to hop on Facebook or Instagram Live and answer common questions. Invite people to ask questions in advance or interact on your Live.
  3. Interview someone: Interview the funeral director, customer service staff, or even interesting people in your community.

Then save your live posts so people can watch them later too. You get double benefits: real-time community with your followers plus valuable content that can live on your social pages or even be included in blog posts in the future.

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